Image by Robert Chaplin

My name is Jason Eldridge, I am a South Florida based photographer, Christian, husband, father of a wonderful 9 year old boy, and a full fledged geek.  Some of my favorite movies include Lord of the Rings, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, Avengers (1 and 2), and Dr. Horrible.  

I have been a serious photographer since 2001 where I fell in love with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and nature photography in general.  Life changes and in 2005 we moved to Homestead, FL.  Now, the Everglades National Park is my focus for nature photography.  While nature photography is my passion my love for photography is not limited to nature, landscapes, or wildlife.  I have had the opportunity to shoot several weddings and family portrait sessions as well as a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game.  Some people say that you “can’t be a generalist” but I disagree completely.


This site is all about learning photography and I invite you to leave comments, send me e-mail questions, and/or pick up the phone and call.  Check back often for blog updates, events, book announcements, and workshop schedules.



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