The Art Walk is Over but the Shutter Still Clicks.

All Photographs courtesy of Angeline Martinez
The photos have all been taken down... the Coconut Grove Art walk is over.  This has been a fantastic experience and I want to thank Dharma Studios for hosting the event and being so kind to us.  I cannot tell you how many times they said "treat this like your own home".  They never once complained and only offered assistance.  I hope to oneday work with them again.

I would consider this event a huge success.  I overheard coversations praising my work.  I hear it from my friends and family but often feel they biased.  Because of the Art Walk I was able to get honest feedback from unbiased people.  Thanks to everyone who attended and helped out through the event.  A special thanks should go to Angeline Martinez for helping me through everything and being my sounding board for new ideas.  She shared the event with me showing her recent series on the oil spill in the Gulf.  You can find her work [here] if you are interested.

Thank you Kim (wife) for helping me lug all the equipment and prints everywhere and providing unmatched moral support.  I would not have had the drive without your encouragement.  Love you!

"On to the Next"....  

I have plans for another photo outing this weekend so be on the look out for new posts and photos soon.