Taking Care of Your Equipment

You bought all this equipment and now that you have used it a few times you think it is time to clean it all up. Well, you're probably correct in that assumption. Unless it is a particularly harsh environment (sandy or salty) I clean mine about every two battery charges. It only take a few minutes to do a basic cleaning and this is so vital to the longevity of the equipment that you should do it often. Camera sensor cleaning I will cover in a follow up post. 

What you need for basic cleaning:
1. The camera, lenses, and flashes you want to clean
2. Microfiber cloth
3. Lens brush
4. Lens solution
5. Lens cloth

How you use it all:
1. Take the microfiber cloth and VERY LIGHTLY dampen it. Then, wipe down the outside of all the equipment (no lens element cleaning with this) making sure to hit the areas where your hands rest the most. This means you are now done with the outside of the camera, lens, and flashes.
2. Take the lens brush and brush both ends of the glass and the mount on the camera. When cleaning the lens mount on the camera hold it upside so that the dust/dirt you clean off doesn't fall into the camera body.
3. Take the lens cloth and put a drop of solution on the cloth and rub the lens elements in a circular motion. You don’t have to be extremely gentle but do be careful because any particles that were not brushed off can scratch the elements.
4. Repeat this for the side of the lens that mounts to the camera.