Abstracts in Nature

Often times when I shoot landscapes or nature I look to tell a story or to show an event.  The following photos on the other hand caught my attention while I was searching.  I really dig abstract art (much to my surprise) and I look to find ways to add it to my chosen art form.  The best part of the four photographs that you see were all taken the same day within about a 3 hour period.  The abstracts are there we just need to take the time to look.  As evident by two of these photos you don't even need to be close to the subjects to pull out the abstract.  These were all fun for me to photograph and a cinch to post process.

I like the two color images but the black and white photos really draw me in...  One of the abstracts even tells the story of the rising sun and the moving mist.    The next time you are out trying to tell a story just relax and look for the abstracts that surround you.  You might be surprised at the story they tell.  To me...  All four tell me that the world continues and lives barley aware of my existence.  I love it!!