The First Photo Outing of the 2012

ISO 200, 80-200mm (155mm), 1/50 @ f8.0
Usually around the first of the year I make a point to get out of the house and do a solo photo day trip.  Thankfully, this year was no different.  I ventured to a couple of my favorite spots in the Everglades.  The first spot was a huge bust but Pine Glades Lake proved to have more than a few opportunities.  What caught my attention with the first photograph is that the morning fog obscured a good deal of the glades give to a lot of negative space.

The second image I nearly missed because I was focused on the first one.  I just happened to turn around and see the sun shining through the trees.  I decided to turn this one into a panoramic by stitching several images together in photoshop.

The final image I caught on my way home.  I drove by the farm and thought 'that would make a cool photo'.  Then, I realized that all I had to do was turn the truck around.  A few seconds later the photo was captured.  All and all it was a good first outing of 2012.  I look forward to many more this year.  If you happen to live in the Homestead or Miami, FL area I would be happy to show you around these areas.  Just give me a call or shoot me an e-mail.
ISO 200, 24-70mm (24mm), 1/500 @ f11