Tennessee 2012

Today was the first day in the Smoky Mountains in about a year.  I set the alarm clock for 3:00am to drive to Clingman's Dome for sunrise and to scout it out for Astral Photography (later this week).  When I arrived I found it to be less than desirable.  In fact, it was downright bad.  I could see about 30 feet with no break in the clouds.  Based on that I started my way down and decided to try a few places I knew about.  I was fortunate that Clingman's was the only place fully engulfed in clouds.  During my decent I also came across a coyote and a black bear.  It was a treat for me.  However, you will not see any images of those critters because it was just too dark to bring back some shots.  The remainder of the trip was pleasant and as you can tell the mountains did cooperate a bit.  I am heading back out the Wednesday weather permitting.  All the editing you see here is being done on my small laptop so full edited versions will be seen after we get back to South Florida.

I should be posting more images this week!