Think Tank Retrospective 20

I have owned the Think Tank Retrospective 20 for a good bit of time now.  It is a pretty cool shoulder bag that can hold a good deal of equipment.  Having used on several shoots I can tell you the good and the bad about this product.


  • It is made by Think Tank.  Think Tank pays a lot of attention to the quality of their products and to the functionality of those products.  The Retrospective 20 is very well made and would hold up to the most rigorous photographers.
  • It looks great and gives the appearance of “old school”.  Hmm, maybe that is why it is called the Retrospective…
  • It can hold a pro camera body with attached 70-200 and one to three additional lenses or flashes.  There is plenty of room for pens, business cards, memory cards, batteries, and various other accessories as well.
  • Great Velcro features that you can silence if you are at an event and in and out of the bag.


  • It weighs a good bit even when it is empty.  This product is very well made as indicated above.  It uses strong material and stitching.  This makes it a bit heavy on its own before the equipment is added.  Your shoulder or neck will hate you if you load it up.
  • It is unusually bulky.  Sure, it looks good and holds the equipment but the profile is rather large with just the minimal amount of gear.
  • This thing is not cheap.  It is a high quality product but the price comes in at $174.00.
  • Color Choices:  You have the choice between Black and Pinestone.  I wanted the Pinestone because I like that look but there may be folks out there that want more than two choices.

The Retrospective 20 is one in a large line of Retrospective bags from Think Tank.  I am sure you can find one in there to suit your needs.