Lightroom 5 Public Beta Announced


I knew it was getting close but is is now official! The Lightroom 5 Beta is here!!!!

You can download it and use it right now.

There are a few new options I would like to mention.  These are very nice improvements or additions over Lightroom 4.  

1.  The Healing Brush:  Note first of all that I did not say the "Spot" healing brush.  The new healing brush is in the same location with the same icon.  The difference is that you can click and drag it like a brush to hit larger areas or items that are odd shaped.  The fact that the only option before was a single spot this is a big upgrade.  With another small addition of a check box that says "Visualize Spots" at the bottom of the screen (when in spot healing mode) it makes it much easier to see those nasty little dust spots!  You know, the ones you miss until after you print the image.


2.  The edition of a radial adjustment tool.  This a tool that will allow you to create a circular or elliptical area and affect what is on the outside or with the use of an invert key what is on the inside.  You have all the same slider options as you do with the standard brush tool.  I can see some great uses with this new item.  


3.  There are additional improvements in the book and slideshow module that may actually make them useful.

4.  Smart Previews:  If you are one of the individuals that uses external hard drives to store all your images you are very familiar with the question marks of doom.  You know the ones that tell you that LR cannot find the images.  This happens when you are on a lap top and you didn't bring your external drives.  If you click on the preview and try to make an adjustment it says "nope, we can't find the image so you can't do anything"....  Well, it says something like that but without the double negatives.  Anyway, if you generate "Smart Previews" you can make adjustments as if you were at your computer with your hard drive plugged in.  This is a great feature if you are on the go and don't have those drives.


5.  There also appears to be some wonderful new additions to the "Lens Correction" panel.  The there is an upright auto feature that looks great!

Well, these are the biggest features that I could find right off the bat I am sure as time goes along there will be more.  Thanks for tuning in!!!