Leading the Eye

There was something about this scene that caught my attention while out in Greenbriar, TN.  I composed the shot, clicked the shutter, and moved along.  The composition itself didn't take but a second because I composed it in my head before putting the camera to my face.  There are three composition aspects that help make this image work.

1.  The Brightest Part:  The eye is drawn to the brightest part of an image.  In this case it is the road that begins in the foreground and moves through the forest.  Likewise the contrast between the trees and road accomplishes the same thing.  The eye wonders through the image.

2.  The Horizon Line:  With landscape shots often time people put the horizon line directly in the middle of the image giving no emphasis to the sky or to the ground (trees and road in this case).  This generally ends in a mediocre image.  With this image the horizon is slightly below the center line where the road trails off into the forest.  

3.  The Lines:  All of the trees in this image point directly to the road.  Your eye wants to follow all the lines and the lines in this image lead to the road which then moves through the trees.  Your eye keeps wandering.

Composition should be something that you think about all the time.  It is vital to a good image and often times we photographers get so focused on the gear and the settings that we forget about this one immensely important factor.  

Develop your eye for composition because the technical aspects are easy in comparison.  I hope you enjoyed this photo from Greenbriar, TN.