Greenbriar in the Great Smokey Mountains

Greenbriar in the Great Smoky Mountains is not well traveled because it doesn't provide those sweeping vistas.  However, Greenbriar has something else to offer.  If you are a photographer this area is one heck of a place.  It has streams, forest, wildflowers, and all sorts of critters. This photo was taken near the trail head of the Ramsey Cascades.  The hike to the cascades is approximately 5 miles UP the mountain and follows a small river most of the way.  If you are not ready for that there are ample photographic opportunities along the way.

With this image I used a circular polarizer to take the glare off the trees and the rocks, at least to some degree.  The aperture was at f16 because I wanted both a large depth of field and a slow shutter speed.  The shutter was set at 2 seconds.  This allowed for the water to blur with motion and get a nice silky smooth look.  If you want to read more about the shutter speed check out an excerpt from my book here:

Oh, and this was edited using my new Lightroom Presets.  You can find those here:

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