Wide Angle Images

Most of you already know that I dropped and drowned my 24-70 f2.8 lens.  Well, I still have a good bit of time here in east Tennessee so this morning I had to improvise.  I have a 16-35 f4 and a nice new shinny 70-200.  It is the middle focal lengths that I am missing.  Today I managed to get a few shots with the wide angle.  Shots that I may not have gotten had I had my trusty 24-70.  I was pretty close to the waterfall in the shot above so it was really nice to have the wide angle. 

Normally I stay away from wide angle shots without a close subject such as the mountain scene below but given that my choices were limited (due to gravity) I moved a head.  Lucky for me the clouds were out!

The moral of the story here is do not let your gear or lack of gear tell you what you will be photographing.  Photograph what you want with what you have because you might be surprised with what you get.

Yes, I still really wish I had my 24-70.....