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John Oliver's Cabin, Cades Cove

How many times have you seen this?  Aunt Bessy gets out of the car, walks to a cabin, snaps a shot, and then gets back in the car to move on.  I see this all the time and sometimes even from other photographers.  Shoot, I have been guilty of this exact same thing.

When you find yourself in front of an interesting subject take the time to really explore what is there.  If there are people around talk to them if they are inclined.  One of the three images here may have been missed had I not taken the time to talk to the park ranger that was there.  He told me of a great set up with the fences in front of the cabin.  I took a chance and it turned out to be the best image. 

If time permits take a few shots you may not have taken otherwise.  You could be surprised with what you find.

John Oliver's Cabin

John Oliver's Cabin