The 40th Trip

Someone once asked Bill Fortney how it was that he got such amazing landscape shots.   His answer was simple.  Return to the exact same spot 40 times.  There is so much wisdom in that statement.  If you are going to be a landscape photographer you have to do four things.

1.  Show up in the early morning or late evening.  Landscapes do not look flattering mid day.  Come to think of it not much at all looks flattering in the middle of the day.

2.  Find the right spot.  Beautiful landscapes are not made in ugly areas.  Now, I know what you are thinking.  Everybody knows this.  If you look at some of the landscapes put up by some photographers it is obvious that not everyone knows.

3.  Know your craft.  When the moment comes you need to be technically and artistically prepared.  If you are relying on luck in knowing your craft you are actually out of it.

4.  Go back again and again.  Seldom have I ever been to a place that was just right the very first time.  The weather isn't usually corporative.  So, it takes persistence, patience, and dedication to finally get that shot you have been looking for.  

The next time you decide to take a landscape shot go where it is beautiful and do it early in the morning.  If it doesn't turn out well, plan on as many trips as it takes.