I Won a Drobo 5n from DPE!

I have listened to The Digital Photo Experience (DPE) podcast with Rick Sammon and Juan Pons for several years now.  Relatively recently they have been sponsored by Squarespace.  In fact it is because of their endorsement that I decided to give Squarespace a try.  I was so impressed with the ease of use that I signed up immediately and had a working website in 20min.  Yes, it was that easy to get a basic site.  I wanted more than that so it took a few days to get it all worked out.  It wasn't because Squarespace was difficult.  It was because I kept changing my mind on exactly how I wanted it to look.  Overall it was and continues to be a good experience.

I am also part of the DPE Community on Google Plus.  It is an active community and new images are posted all the time.  Make sure to check them out. 

The DPE has been running a contest where you submit your Squarespace website and they pick the best of the bunch.  The winner gets a nice Drub N network storage device.  I thought I would throw my hat into the ring just for kicks.  Last night I received e-mails from Rick Sammon and Squarespace.  They chose www.ephototraining.com as the winner!!!!  Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool!

Thanks again to:  Rick Sammon, Juan Pons, Drobo, and Squarespace!!

You can check them all out here: