Smoky Mountain Panoramic

***Be sure to click the image to get a good look at the complete panoramic*** 

On our recent trip to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee I went to the Foothills Parkway.  If you have never been it is a great spot because you get to see the smokey mountains from the North Western foothills.  They have a few pull offs for you to get a good look and the majesty of these very old mountains.  I know you have heard it said that a photograph cannot do scenes justice.  I would agree with that but there is no reason we can't get close.  This image is an 18 image panoramic.  Yep, you heard correctly.  I took 18 images to take in the entire scene and lucky for me the fog stayed low in the valleys. 

So, how did I capture this full scene with 18 shots?  See below for some basics:

1.  Get a sturdy tripod and a good tripod head.

2.  Set the camera on fully manual mode including the white balance.   

3.  Turn the camera in the vertical position. 

4.  Be sure the tripod is level or that you have a means to maintain near level for each shot. 

5.  Overlap each shot about 25% with the next shot. 

6.  When exposing it is best to find the brightest part of the image, expose for that area, and then make no further adjustments while shooting.  Otherwise you can end up with photos where the lighting is drastically different from the rest.   

7.  Be sure to take in the scene and enjoy yourself!!!