Renewing the Joy of Photography


Photography, for the majority of my life, has been a significant part of my day to day.  If it isn’t right in the front of my thoughts it is always lurking in the background.  Everything I look at I try to see as a photograph or at least determine if it could be one.  I love photography and I have always found great personal joy within it. 

Now, it is time to be honest with myself.  I have lost some of the joy I once had taking photographs.  Through personal reflection I have found that there are several individual reasons that contribute to this loss of this joy.  Many of these work in tandem with one another to compound the issue. 

Do I still love photography?  Yes, without a doubt.  Will I continue to take photographs?  Absolutely.  But I want more.  I want the joy I once had.  I want that feeling of excitement with just the prospect of going on a photo excursion.  I think to do this however I have to work through the items that caused me to lose what I once had.  It is my plan to do that and document it here through my blog.  You may ask why I am choosing to do this in a public forum.  The answer is easy and three fold.  First, writing it out and putting it down often times has a way of committing it to my memory and allows me to work through issues logically.  Secondly, readers perhaps can offer suggestions or insights that I personally may miss.  Finally, it could be that you find yourself in the very same position and could stand to refocus your energy to find the joy you once had. 

Please join me in this personal journey as I fight to reclaim once again the Joy of Photography.