The List

Recently I wrote a blog post about how I have lost some of the Joy in Photography and that I want to work at getting that back.  I figured the best way to start this out is to identify all the contributors I could think of to get a broad look at the issue.  The solutions will not be as simple as creating the list and must be looked at individually.  Some of the items in the list will not even be able to be changed and I must find ways to work around them instead of through them.

Here is the list of things that I have identified that contribute in some way to my loss of Joy in Photography.  Some of these are avoidable, some that are not avoidable, and some that I do not wish to avoid.  If you know me and can think of some others I may missed feel free to comment.

·         Family

·         Faith

·         Friends

·         The Loss of my Mother

·         Hobbies other than Photography

·         Focusing on the Business of Photography

·         Lack of Photographic Business

·         Health Issues

·         Laziness

·         Landscape Photography is my main passion and I live in South Florida

·         The Day Job

·         The realization that I will always have to have a non-photography related “Day Job”

·         Social Media

·         Lack of Participation from followers on Social Media

·         The Blog

·         Stagnant Style

·         Lack of Space at Home for a Studio

·         Perceived Equipment Limitations

·         Monetary limitations as it applies to Photography Trips

·         Our location and how it restricts weekend trips

·         Social Interaction with other Photographers

·         The Difficulty of Building a Brand

·         The Desire to Teach Photography

·         Interest in Sports Photography

·         The apparent success of poor photographers

·         The Absence of Creativity

·         Lack of Confidence

·         The feeling that my Photography has no value

As you might see this is a pretty exhaustive list though it may not be fully complete.  I plan to tackle these issues within specific blog posts and some can be grouped together as they are interrelated.  Not only do I want the blog post to detail how this limits my joy but also ideas on how I plan to circumvent or outright tackle the issue.  I hope you can stick with me through this and lend aid wherever you can.  Feel free to ask questions, offer input, and/or use what I discover along the way.  In the end it is my hope that it returns my Joy in Photography.