Everglades National Park Anhinga Trail

It looked really nice outside and I thought I would run out to Anhinga Trail in the Everglades to see if any birds had started to arrive.  Well, there were no birds but there were plenty of bugs.  Lucky for me I was prepared for that.  

Seeing that there were no birds and only a couple of alligators I quickly changed my lens from the 70-200mm to the 16-35mm and off I went.  There were several images that presented themselves and overall I considered the day a successful one.

There was a humorous moment though when some tourists wondered around trying to figure out what I was photographing.  They were in t-shirts, shorts, no bug spray, and the sun was setting.  At least the bugs knew who to go after.  

Oh, that makes me think that a tip is in order.  If you are going to the Everglades in the summer or early fall (same season here) be sure to have bug spray and cover as much of your body as you can.