SFNPCC Field Trip to Pineglades Lake

Yesterday (October 23rd, 2014) I had the pleasure of spending time with like minded people.  The South Florida National Parks Camera Club (SFNPCC) had their first field trip.  If we had just gone by the weather report we would have just stayed home (like some folks did).  Since I was representing the camera club I decided to stick it out and continue on.  Admittedly I did not think the trip would yield any results.  I figured we would get some shots of some grass or perhaps people sitting in their car during a tercentennial downpour.  When we arrived at the lake I saw exactly what I expected to see.  It was drab and dreary with some dark and light clouds.  Still, we all got out and set up our gear.  I started walking around a bit looking for just about anything to shoot.  I guessed it would be a wash.  Well, I was wrong.

The sky started to glow just a little and I felt a glimmer of hope.  Then a switch was thrown and the sky lit up.  This drab and dreary day quickly became one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen.  It was not even over quickly as it lingered on for over 30 minutes.  What a great experience and a lesson.  The lesson?  The lesson is to go in spite of the circumstances.  You could be greatly rewarded with a beautiful sunset like the one last evening.  Even if the sun had stayed hidden I had the chance to spend time with some really good folks talking about photography.  It was a win win!

If you are interested in the SFNPCC you can check out their website here:  www.sfnpcc.org