Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Quick Keys

One of my favorite things about any photo finishing software is the use of quick keys.  They really have the ability to speed up your workflow and the less clicks the better.  Lightroom is the program that I use the most for my finishing and cataloging but if I need to do some heavy lifting so to speak I move on over to Photoshop.  Trying to memorize all the quick keys is difficult at best and as a result I just have a few of my most used stored safely inside my head.  Well, I just found a webpage that can help any interested in learning more.  You can find the page here:

This webpage uses a drop-down menu that you can select the program and even what specifically you are working on.  In Lightroom for example you have different quick keys in different modules.  Well with this little gem you just tell it what which one you are working in and it gives you all the keys.  If the page is open and you hit the [shift] key for example it changes the quick keys to show you the options.  

The other benefit is you get to choose your computer's operating system.  So, if you get a chance go check it out.  I know it will certainly help speed my finishing right along.