It's in the Details

There is something difficult for photographers, well for this photographer anyway.  The difficulty lies in focusing on what to exclude from an image rather than what to include.  Photographers, more than any other artist, must focus on what to remove from the scene and not what to add.  For instance a plein air painters see a scene and they begin to paint what they see adding the details that strike them as important for the final result.  They do not paint the full image and then start removing.  Photographers do not have that luxury.  The camera captures what you point it at.  For instance the images above were captured at an airshow.  There were hundreds of other planes and thousands of people.  I didn't want a ton of images with people wandering around aimlessly or some random plane in the background.  I wanted to show off these magnificent machines.  To do that I made the choice to exclude the people, other planes, tents etc.  It was a conscious choice and not a happy accident that I got these images.

My advice to you?  Take a lesson from the plein air masters and only put in the image what is important to the image you envision.  Don't simply take the photograph, make the photograph.

All the images you see here were from Sun-n-Fun 2014 in Lakeland, FL.  If you would like to see more you can find them here.