South Florida National Park Camera Club (SFNPCC)

Last night (8/07/2014) I attended a meeting that was held to determine the viability of a Camera Club operating in the Homestead area.  Honestly, I was surprised by the turn out and the support from not only the Everglades Association but also the city of Homestead.

This club will focus mainly on the National Parks that we have here in South Florida with an emphasis on photographic education and camaraderie.  Not to mention learning more about this unique ecosystem.  Nature/Landscape photography is my passion so I am very excited to meet like minded individuals and I am really looking forward to seeing this club get off the ground.  

If you live in Homestead (or near by) and you are interested in joining a photography club please contact me and I will keep you posted as to the next meeting.  Check back on my blog as well, I will keep the information flowing.