Everglades National Park: A Photographic Destination

Robert Chaplin is the co-author along side Beth Ruggiero-York.  Robert has become a close personal friend and mentor over the last year and has helped to make the South Florida National Parks Camera Club (SFNPCC) what it is today.  Robert first told me about this book he was co-authoring about 9 months ago and I have been out on several photo hunting trips with him during this time.  He was always very particular about the type of image that he wanted to capture in order to truly show what the Everglades National Park has to offer.  Showing the park at its best was very important to him because he wanted individuals to become inspired about what they might find.  His effort and dedication is obvious within these pages.

This book is pocket sized and designed to easily fit in a backpack or photo bag.  It is the perfect size to take with you when you head out into the Glades.

So, if you are interested in this book you can pick up a copy at one of the Everglades National Park Stores, from Robert's Website, or from here.  

Is this post bias?  Absolutely, but that doesn't change the quality of this book.