Be Respectful

Everglades National Park - N Tree

Sometimes we photographers focus on the image we are trying to create and we forget about others.  The others can be our families, tourists, workshop participants, other photographers, or even the wildlife.  

With all of the negative press we photographers get we are starting in the hole already and you would be amazed at how a little courtesy goes a long way.

One day I was out at the Anhinga Trail looking to take some bird photos and came across and individual who had a nice 500mm lens on a gimbal head and he was all set up at a popular point.  This point has enough room for two, maybe three people to stand and observe the scene/wildlife.  He was plopped right in the middle with a large bag on his left and another camera on his right.  He was taking up the entire area.  I attempted to make general conversation but was completely ignored.   Worse than that are the tourists who had come to enjoy the park would stand way back and try to peer from a distance for a glimpse of the wildlife.  

Being a photographer and the president of a photography club I have had the pleasure of knowing many photographers and I can tell you that this guy is NOT the norm.  But what do you think all of those tourists think?  There is a large chance they will transfer what happened to them to other photographers they come across.  Thus, damaging our image further.

Lastly, we should not just be thoughtful and kind to other folks because we don't want our image tarnished...  We should do it because it is the right thing to do!  

Be kind to one another.