Big Cypress National Preserve

I have often driven through the Big Cypress National Preserve but never had the chance to visit.  Recently during a field trip with the South Florida National Parks Camera Club (SFNPCC) I finally got that chance.  We started off by visiting Kirby S. Storter for sunrise and we were blessed with some early morning fog.  From there we went to the Gator Hook trail that leads into a Cypress dome.  Typically this area is all underwater and you have to wade in but being near the end of the dry season we found it devoid of water except within the lowest part of the dome.  Finally, we continued on Loop Road and finished the day up at the Pit (BBQ place).  I was able to not only share this experience with the SFNPCC but also Zackeal (my son).  He is 6 and this was really his first look at the “back woods” of Florida.  We all had a blast and he wants to go back very soon.

Hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I did making them.