Exploring a Subject

Have you ever been with a group of other photographers?  If so, then you probably notice that the majority of them pull their gear out, set their tripod up, and nothing short of an act of God will move them from their coveted position.  This is an example of how not to work a scene.  Here are a few tips to get you moving.

1.        Take a look at the scene and be sure you do get that one shot you have envisioned.

2.       Once you have that shot move around and try different angles and positions.

a.       Get closer

b.      Move further away

c.       Reposition the camera vertically

d.       Pay attention to how your movements affect a subject.  Just the slightest movement can cause changes in your image.

3.       Change your settings.  Pixels are free so don’t worry about trying something different. 

a.       Over or underexpose the image

b.      Use longer shutter speeds and try blurring movement

c.       Use different apertures to see what they do

d.      Do Zoom-Bursts, this is where you use a slower shutter speed and zoom the lens while the shutter is open

4.       Try using your camera while not on a tripod to find the best position and then set up the tripod.

a.       Often times the best photos come from tripod positions other than fully extended.

5.       Last and certainly not least be considerate.  If you happen to be with other photographers try not to let the act of you Exploring a Subject get in their way.  In my experience simply asking if it is okay will grant you permission. 

The series of images at the top of the post were all taken during the same sunset.