Cypress Domes of the Everglades

Recently I had decided to chase some lightning storms.  By all accounts the lightning should have been everywhere.  Sadly, once I made it into the Everglades the lightning swiftly departed.  The positive side was that the sky was pretty well overcast which makes for good intimate landscape possibilities.  

Seeing a Cypress Dome in the Everglades National Park has always been an interest be each time I head out I have another agenda.  This particular time my agenda was thwarted by nature.  So, I trekked into one of the domes to see what I could see.  The landscape inside the dome is vastly different from the surrounding area and not what I expected.  Given the lack of rain we have had so far this year I even managed to make it without getting into water above my shin.  

Other than the humidity and the ever plentiful bugs it was a great little excursion from the normal.