Expedition Everglades, Photo Workshop

Are you interested in photographing the Everglades National Park but aren't sure where to start?  Perhaps you are looking to expand your photographic knowledge or just find some like minded people to share in your passion?  Join me for a 1 day photography workshop where we will see just a glimpse of what this unique landscape has to offer.

Expedition Everglades, 1 Day Photography Workshop
Date:  12/05/2015               Location:  Homestead, Florida 

Number of Participants:  Limited to 6 photographers

Cost:  $99.00 per person

Explore a landscape of subtleties.  The Everglades National Park is a unique eco system that offers a variety of photographic opportunities.  In addition to sunrise and sunset landscapes you will have the chance to photograph a variety of wildlife from birds in flight to the protected Everglades Tree Snail.  I will be right there beside you to provide photographic recommendations and instruction. 

•    Water and snacks during the day will be available at no charge.
•    Sun screen and Bug repellent will be provided as needed

Not Included
•    Food
•    Lodging
•    Transportation