Into the Dome

Everglades National Park, Cypress Dome

There are approximately 1.1 million people that enter the Everglades National Park each year and of those 1.1 million people less than 1% take the opportunity to see what lies just off the road.  This image is from within one of the many cypress domes that are found inside the Everglades National Park.  Within the dome you can find butterfly and cigar orchids, a variety of insects, snakes, alligators, and birds.  Not only can you find them but you find them in their element doing what they do.  It is a unique experience for sure and one you should consider the next time you enter the park.

Entering these domes can be intimidating and there are risks to consider but none of which are insurmountable.  I would encourage you to find a guide willing to walk you through one of these domes.  They are worth the trouble and you can then say you are a member of the 1% club.

If you are interested in such a walk and you are a photographer you should consider taking one of my workshops either September 12th, 2015 or December 5th, 2015.  This will be on the agenda.

As a reminder, I am a licensed and insured guide for the Everglades National Park.