Photography Workflow

For years now my post processing workflow has been the same.  After a shoot I would import the files into Adobe Lightroom and use the letter “P” for picks and “X” for rejects.  Then I would go back and further cull the images before jumping into photo finishing.  Over the past couple of years I have started shooting more often as well as adding sports photography into my line up.  With sports (and weddings) you end up taking hundreds or even thousands of images and Lightroom can take 5 to 10 seconds to load an image at full resolution.  So, if you have 1000 images and you do some basic math figuring a 5 second load time you are looking almost an 1hr and 40min of time spent simply loading the images.  This was driving insane. 

Several years ago while attending a sports photography workshop there was talk of a program called Photo Mechanic and at the time I had downloaded the trial version but never really put it to use and I certainly didn’t want to take the time to learn yet another program.  After doing some research into sports photography workflow it was apparent that Photo Mechanic is used by nearly all sports photographers.  They use it because you can scroll through your images at 100% as fast as you can press the button.  Going out on a limb I made the purchase.

Photo Mechanic…  holy cow what have I been waiting on???

Turns out if you flag the images in photo Mechanic, Adobe Lightroom will recognize the flag (or star rating as it were).  This means I can use Photo Mechanic to run through all the images flagging the ones I want to look at further before I add them to Lightroom.  This saves me hours of work…  Sure, it takes a few seconds to “add” them to the Lightroom catalog but the hours of time saved is more than worth the added extra step…

If you do lots of shooting or you are just tired of waiting on Adobe Lightroom then pick up Photo Mechanic.  You will not be sorry.  You can pick up your copy here:

Dear Adobe, please, for the love of Pete, speed up the viewing capability of Lightroom…  It is unbearable.