Be Educated

Great Egret, Everglades National Park

Photography is a broad subject.  From food, nature, portraiture, weddings, all the way through sports and action.  If you are new to this art you can quickly become overwhelmed.  My suggestion is find what aspects of photograph interest you the most and become educated.

While there is an option to become traditionally educated through college it isn't the only avenue available to you and those are the ones mentioned here.  


There are countless books written on the subject.  If you do a bit of research in whatever aspect has gained your interest you can find great books to help you get started.  If you aren't sure there are some general photography books available which cover many different areas.


You can find an almost limitless supply of photographic information online and never have to pick up a book.  However, do your research as not all online photography sites are equal.  There are a few popular ones where poor advice is the norm.


Workshops are perhaps the best way to further your photography education through instruction and hands on learning.  There is a theme within all of the this which you may begin to notice.  Do your research as not all workshops are equal.  Some photographers use workshops as ways to pay for their trips to exotic locations where their own images are the most important part and the participants are left in the cold.  Read the reviews to ensure you are getting quality instructors who are focused on you.

Photography Clubs

I am the president of a club here in Homestead, FL called the South Florida National Parks Camera Club (SFNPCC) and we are focused on helping educate our members.  Photo clubs can be a great tool to help new and experienced photographers learn and expand their craft.  If nothing else it will put you in contact with local people who share a common interest.


There is only so much you can learn from books, the internet, and workshops and clubs.  You have to get out and practice on your own.  This way you can put to use all the time spent reading and learning from other photographers.  


Whatever route you choose (and I recommend all the ones listed above) it is important to Be Educated.  It is through knowledge we photographers grow our craft.