Be Healthy

Everglades National Park, Near Mahogany Hammock

On one particular trip to the Everglades  I decided not to go where I thought the best image would be.  Why did I do this?  Because I was so out of shape the general idea of walking through waste high grass and ankle deep water was an exhausting one.  You see most of my life I have struggled with my weight and general lack of exercise.  I am certain I missed the shot I should have gotten.  There were other days too where staying on the couch seemed like a much better option than getting to the glades because it was a struggle physically to traipse around in the wetlands.  How many shots have I missed because I just didn't feel like going?  What opportunities passed me by because of my health?

Sometime in October of 2015 I started hitting the gym on a 4 to 5 times a week basis.  Since then I have been able to spend a great deal more time in the Everglades going places I never figured I would go.  Getting off the couch didn't seem like such a burden any more.  My energy levels have dramatically increased as well.  But something else happens when you are healthy I hadn't considered.  Creativity.  Because I was no longer concerned about the heat, the bugs, how high the grass was, or how far out I had to walk I could think about the image I wanted to make.  I could explore a subject and only think about the subject.  

I have a long road ahead to be really healthy but the benefits are more than worth the efforts.  So, to help improve your photography and overall quality of life...  Be Healthy.